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Pirrella's revolutionary Sleeves for Ceiling Fans ensures a cleaner fan. These form fit sleeves prevent dust reaching the surface of the ceiling fan and can be easily slipped onto the blades in a matter of minutes.

With regular use & replacement of Pirrella Fansleeves, you will notice the benefits & avoid the awkward task of conventional cleaning and your time spent. Pirrella Fansleeves also reduce deterioration of your Ceiling fan blades.

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The sleeves are made of a compound of nylon / elastin and one size fits most ceiling fan blades. These form fit sleeves have properties that collect air-borne dust, and once fitted, Pirrella Fansleeves are transparent and do not detract from the look of the fan blade. Most ceiling fan blades are white metal and with the fan sleeve fitted to the Ceiling Fan Blade it is difficult to discern.


An added advantage is that when the sleeves are removed, they are inverted, so as to collect the dust accumulated, and thus prevent it falling onto the underneath area.

We believe that our product is unique and is an improvement to the quality and healthy living of the users. Our sleeves are also designed towards cost savings with detergents, cleaning agents & the like.

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In addition to a cost saving and a time saving factor, Pirrella Fan Sleeves reduce the deterioration of your fan blades and protects the leading edge of the blade which easily corrodes through the action of the gathering of dust deposits present in the air resulting from the initial separation of the air by the leading edge. Pirrella Fan Sleeves will give added life to fan blades, and extend the period of their eventual replacement.

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